Stolen Droid Alert!

If anyone sees this droid, especially on ebay or craigslist, please contact it’s owner immediately:

Help @chrisfbartlett(his twitter handle) find his R2! If anyone sees it on eBay/craigslist message him, it’s stolen goods! It was stolen from his garage before Xmas. Just keep your eyes and ears peeled. You can also email him here:  This was stolen near Red Rock, Texas at his home.

Notice that the pockets for the details are square with right angle corners instead of the rounded corners the club usually makes. Side and pockets vents are unpainted, as are the coin slots. This should help identify the droid more easily.

Stolen droids are heartbreaking, it’s kind of like losing a member of the family.  Please help him find his little buddy.

Thank you,
Lynelle N. Phillips
R2-AL and Goldie




  1. Avatar image R2DEVO says:

    Wonder if this R2 was ever found…some people are just awful.

    • lynellephi says:

      Yeah they are. I haven’t heard any word, been searching astromech for an hour for any updates but doesn’t look like there are any. I think I need to delete this post so we can go back to the awesome “Welcome” statement.

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