Build a Droid!

Interesting in building a droid?  There several different building groups that focus on some of your favorite Star Wars droids.   

Astromech Builders



Mouse Droid Builders

MSE-6 Builders


Treadwell Builders

Treadwell Builders


  1. skinny says:

    I am looking for someone who can build a robot version of some iconic GIJOE robots.
    Pac Rats
    I know this is a Star Wars site but the skills would be similar especially for one in particular that has three legs. I love Star Wars too, I wish I was in Anaheim right now.
    If you know anyone interested in helping me out with this project, or taking it on, please let me know.
    I live out of state but within driving distance

    • lynellephi says:

      I’m so sorry we never replied to this. We are strictly a SW droid building club and per LFL/Disney rules cannot build for profit or on commission for others. I really don’t know anyone that has built GIJoe robots (I think they are cool, too), but check with the Replica Prop Forum (RPF). There might be someone building what you want there.

  2. Anna says:

    Are you still in business? Curious to know if I can talk to someone about droid building for a local customer event?

    • lynellephi says:

      Per Lucas Film/Disney rules we are not allowed to build for other people for profit or on commission. If you are interested in building a droid for yourself please go to, the official R2 Builder’s Club. We are a hobby club of droid builders. Please read our About page. If you want a droid at an event please click on our request link at least one month in advance. Thank you.

  3. I Like Building And Experimenting On Things And Would Like Too Know What You Do There

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