About the Club

About the builders club

Thank you for your interest in the Mountain States Droid Builders (MSR2Droids).  We are a local droid building club in the Colorado/Wyoming area.  Even though we have adopted the rules and are members of the international R2 Builders Club (astromech.net), we are not officially endorsed with them or with LFL/Disney.  We are a fan hobby club that builds and displays Star Wars droids at various events.  However, with all clubs, we do have a few rules we need to follow:

Policies/Rules/Code of Conduct
1.  You must have or actively be building a droid.  Any Star Wars droid will do, but no Hasbro toys (meaning the Hasbro interactive R2-D2 does not count). 

2.  You do not have to be a member of any other group, but we would like to see that you are actively building a droid and not just dreaming about building one.

3.  No selling or renting droids for profit whatsoever.  This comes from LFL/Disney, and is one of the standard rules in all the Star Wars groups.    No recasting parts.   We are preventing recasting a part without permission for mass production .

4.  We do not accept tips or pay for displaying our droids at any event.  However, we do participate in fundraising for charities.  If someone insists on paying you for displaying your droid, you can ask that they give the money to their favorite charity in our name (501st and Rebel Legion does the same thing).   We can provide them with a list of charities we support as well.

5.  All members must act professionally during an event.  Meaning you cannot run over anybody with your droid, hit children with long rulers as they touch your droid (even though we all sometimes want to), or do anything that can get us in legal trouble.  We are dealing with the public and we do not want any lawsuits for any reason.

6.  Please be aware that the public can see our Facebook page and website, so behave on these boards as well.  We will not tolerate flaming, spamming, or bad behavior on any of our social media.  We will give you one warning, and if it continues you will be removed from the boards/social media.

7.  We can ban members who prove to be problematic.  We do not take this lightly and will hear all sides.  However, since this is a local club not part of any international club, we will remove any members who continually to behave badly, put us in a bad light with the public, or continuously break the above rules.

8.  We will not descriminate anyone based on sex (male, female, homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual), race, color,  religion, political affiliations, dark side, rebel side, or Death Star employment.  Everyone that has a desire to build a droid should feel welcome.

These basic rules are set so that this club can provide a wonderful experience for our members and the public who visits us at events.  We occasionally have droid build days, and are little more lax in our behavior, but we still want a pleasant experience during those build days.  No one should feel uncomfortable around us at any time.


Membership is open to anyone in the Colorado/Wyoming area wanting to build a Star Wars droid.  There are no fees to join.  Just create an account and get building!

Once a droid is completed, participation at events is highly encouraged, though not strictly required.  Partially built droids are also welcome to join us at events with tables (conventions).   There is no requirement for membership in other droid building groups.

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