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To all our droid friends and fans, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I’ve already picked out my Black Friday deal, have you?
And to our Jewish friends, Happy Thanskgivhukkah.  The next one will be in 78,000 years.  Enjoy this special day.

Lynelle, R2-AL, and Goldie


Hi all,

So here we are…a new website for the Mountain States R2 (and other droids, too) Builders. No longer nestled gently in the armpit of the Mountain Garrison, we must now to learn to fend for ourselves in this big world. But don’t fret, we’ll still be seeing plenty of our 501st and Rebel Legion friends.

This part of the site is mainly for public consumption (hi public!); hopefully you take the next step and register for an account and get posting in the forums. Let’s see some new build threads!

We’re still slowly completing the website, but it should be largely functional at this point.
Want to help? Please send in fun droid photos for header banners, either post in the forums or email here
There is also an “Our Droids” showcase section on the main site. If you are interested in participating, please read more about it here.

The purpose of this website is to help build our small group into something more cohesive and fun. Let’s help each other get our droids functional and ready to put a smile on some faces.

That’s all for now, see you in the forums!